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Thanks webcrystal.. much appreciated. I also think that I need to start working on this fat issue if I want to stay in ketosis. I would be happy to just have veggies, but sometimes it doesnt fill me up. However, point being is that I need to stop and look at what I am eating, TRACK and really stop the emotional eating. You are so right.. it sometimes is about the texture and I seem to want crunchy things lately.

Even eating a head of lettuce is not HEALTHY! Of course, others would disagree but my tummy was so bloated and hurt from eating too much bulk that I know it was not a good thing.

Focusing on my food and what I can control is going to be key to weightloss for me, but more importantly, it will help me to feel grounded and more certain about how I have control and choices over my food intake. Noone is making me eat a head of lettuce, or a million chicken tenders, or tons of broccoli. I just can see a pattern here with no matter what I am eating, it really is about being mindful. ( of course, except carbs). I find it interesting that when I am not stressed, I seem to do perfectly fine with digesting fats, nuts, oils, and most protein.
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