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One thing for emotional/mindless eating is to try to have something in the house that will work for something like this. Many times it's something crunchy or creamy. For example for crunchy you can make thin/julienne some celery or jicama. Why thin? because you'll have that hand/mouth action for much longer. like eating chips. If you want creamy then you can add in some dip (low fat if you wish). If you want crunchy/salty and like onions you can take the long onions (spring onions?) and dip in salt, take a bite, repeat (not too much salt though). Or have some green olives (salt) and some other crunchy veggies that you like. Like an Hors d'oeuvre tray. With a little bit of all the typical textures (crunchy (raw veggies), soft/creamy (humus, cream cheese), salty (olives, pickles), sweet(ish) (no sugar added sweet pickles, little bit of berries)).

Protein doesn't always satisfy that "need" for texture/flavor (e.g. crunch, etc.). Textures and flavors provide other sensory inputs that can detract from other emotional stuff going on. At least for some - ymmv of course.)

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