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Protein overload?

Well, I am hoping someone can resonate with this feeling. I am telling myself to watch my protein and macro levels, but again, I over did it big time. I know my emotional eating was not healthy this evening, and it was still low carb, but seriously?? I could eaten a horse I was so mad today!

12- 2 egg whites, scoop of tuna, lettuce. ( tuna was dry)
3- salad with grill chicken, low carb veggies ( i even cut back on broc)
8- Went bonkers... was upset about some personal stuff.. had a large salad tuna ( in oil), then made baked chicken tenders ( finally bought my own), and kept eating them... I am thinking I probably had about 7 or 8 ( they were kind of little, but still!!!). i also dipped in salt and had some olive oil on them as well. Finally, my tummy went down..

I feel like a failure. I increased my protein so much, that it feels like it is so hard to cut back now. I know it is ok that I am low carb, but how can I do this?? I also worked out this am and I am hoping it will get burned off as this was a weight class.

I hope you are not sick of me yet.. I just need to find some balance on this protein issue. I just have to pray that I can find a way to stop overeating.. I am scared to do this, but I need to get on the scale and see the number. Maybe that will help me to not overeat.

Has anyone ever gone through this?
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