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Callanetics exercise list

Hi everyone!
Have to admit to being totally silent on here! Drop in every now and then for some motivation with my Callanetics and see how you are all doing.

Have a question I am going on holiday soon and want to continue my Callanetics while away, there was a list on this forum a few years ago that was a breakdown of the 10/10 DVD. Does it still exist? I can't find it and I remember it was so useful as if bored of DVD every night I used to stick on some music and use the list! Lol! It was good if in a rush to as could pick exercises I wanted.

I do hope someone may remember this or could send the link to me.... Someday I might even post my results.

I would add that after I had my last little one who was 11lbs and I sunk into a bit of PNDep I swear it was the Callanetics that pulled me back out. I love it and it amazes me how wonderful it makes me feel and look when I'm dedicated.

Happy pulsing peaches xx
ddb x
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