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I just found a white chocolate chip recipe on the Stuff I Feed My Husband blog.
White Chocolate Erica

2 oz. (weight) food-grade cocoa butter
cup Splenda
1 packet (about 2 oz) powdered coconut milk (I used a 1.76 oz packet). Pinch of table salt
Chocolate mold

Combine the sweetener, coconut milk powder, and salt (ideally sift them together to remove any grit). Set aside. Chop up the cocoa butter into small pieces so that it melts easily. Nuke it in the microwave until melted. I microwaved it for a minute at a time at 70% power, stirring after each minute. It will liquefy and get quite hot. Add the sweetener, powdered coconut milk, and salt and mix with a fork. Scrape the mixture into a blender and blend until very smooth. Pour the chocolate into your mold. Rap it on the counter to remove some of the air bubbles. Refrigerate for 24 hours.
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