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Originally Posted by Bethanyblondie View Post
I often get a bunless McDouble from McDonald's and a side salad off the dollar menu. Don't get their ranch, though, it's super high in carbs. Their balsamic vinegarette is only 3 carbs (the ranch is NINE! WTH???)
I know!! I went McDonald's yesterday and got the bacon and cheese angus, hold the bun and condiments, with a side salad instead of fries and I couldn't believe the carbs in the dressing! I ended up not eating the salad because my thought was if I'm going to eat all those carbs in a salad, I might as well eat something tastier dove chocolates only have 4g in one piece (4.8 - 1g fiber), not that I eat the chocolate (wouldn't be able to stop at 1), but the principle is there lol
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