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Hi Girls,
Back from our trip with the kiddos, we had a great time, but I was ready to come home. It hurt my back sleeping in a weird bed and that darn chlorine dried out my skin and hair so bad, they did have a full bar inside the pool area though, so that was nice lol.

The weather out where DS15 lives got really bad on Sunday, freezing rain and snow, so I was not able to take him home last night, so now he is missing school today, they dont cancel school for nothing where he lives, they figure everyone is used to it, they usually do a 2 hour delay just to make sure its light when folks have to drive in the nasty weather. Im gonna try to get him home tonight, we will see if it melts off today or not. Super frustrating!!

I have to work on my final paper for my class this week, I have to turn in a rough draft by Friday, it only needs to be 4 pages though, super easy compared to some of the others I have written

I bought a new book which came in the mail the other day, its called Trim Healthy Mama, have you guys heard of it? Its an eating plan, similar to SB, but its food combos that rev your metabolism. Its a super thick book so will take me awhile to read it, but it has tons of recipes and stuff. Im hoping it will help me find my motivation again.

Wiz- Have fun in Cali, wishin I was somewhere warm!

Tina- We are going to work on setting up our garden area next weekend, doubt we will plant anything yet since its still super cold here, I want to buy actual plants, not seeds, but I know that is way more spendy, we will see!

Have a great week ladies,

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