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Originally Posted by Blue View Post
They told me it doesn't really matter how much water you try to get down before the appointments, it takes a long time to improve your numbers. I don't know much about it, but I drink so much I can't imagine going to the restroom more than I do now. Hopefully you'll have better numbers than me!

My first week was 600-650 calories of protein per day and that was based off of the test results (the one where you breath into the tube). I think the booklet says you can sub in one serving of cottage cheese and there are a few other options. I stuck mostly to meat protein. Now in my second week I can add in the 2 veg servings.

My scale has not budged since the appointment on Tuesday, so I am bummed. The only thing I did differently was add the 50 calorie chocolate square two nights and add the small servings of veg. Otherwise all other meals and protein have remained the same. The ketosticks are still in large each morning. This is about what I expected to happen in the first week, so if it doesn't move by my appointment I will be curious what they will try to tell me to adjust.
How do you get your water consumption in? I like bringing 8 bottles of water from Costco with me to work so I see what I have to accomplish. I'll do 4 before lunch, then 1 during and the remaining 3 before I go home at 5. Then of course I drink more when I get home for dinner and before bed. I am challenged a bit with it now though. I only had one bottle today!

I am allowed 650 protein the first week. I didn't breath into a tube, they just took a percentage of the result from the scale. My insurance doesn't cover anything so I have to pay out of pocket - but like you said, when I am at my goal weight I wouldn't wish for anything else and the money wont matter.

Nooo! Don't be too bummed. You're doing fantastic, you had an 11.5 weight loss in the first week! Are you serious? that's awesome! don't weigh yourself if you feel down on yourself. Wait til your next weigh in. That might help. Are you keeping track of everything you eat with your journal? That will help you too.
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