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Originally Posted by Blue View Post
empressem- No breads for 4 weeks is quite the accomplishment!
In my welcome pack they gave me a little chocolate square (I haven't eaten it yet). I assume they sell them, but haven't researched it yet. Before I started at the clinic I was having a dark chocolate square every evening to treat myself. I was hoping it is OK to resume and plan on asking the NP during my next visit. That will definitely help during that TOM!

I am in ketosis! Both yesterday and today were confirmed with the test. My home scale says I'm down another pound. So ridiculous. I was skeptical, but I am going to continue doing what I am doing since it is working so far.

Thanks for coming back and posting! It was getting lonely. Have a good weekend!
So I finally have the funds and I am going to start Medi this week, or next week! I am excited!! I managed to lose 15 on my own. I don't know why it is such a small number, but I am proud regardless - that is just reassurance that it is long-term. Lol. I had a bite of bread today for dinner, instantly regret the choice but I don't think I have been in Ketosis for awhile!

Haha! (about the chocolate) ... maybe wait until you feel like you need it! I'm sure it's a sample of something they sell. That's awesome that you still haven't eaten it yet too. I am hoping the dark chocolate can stay as a ritual for you!

I don't forget about this forum! I just get busy I am completing my last 6 weeks of my bachelors degree so I am busy analyzing financial statements. Lol. You'll see me on here more frequent, especially when I actually join the clinic. It's nice to see you on here as well!
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