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Originally Posted by Charski View Post
I don't know when that program was first aired, or when they did their testing, but I get a bit of a giggle about how they "invented" a new way of dealing with starch - as evidenced by this very thread, and others on this site, a lot of us have been experimenting with this very thing for a while!

THAT aside, it's very interesting reading. We've been doing this for a while now with potatoes - cut into cubes, sprayed lightly with olive oil spray and sprinkled with garlic salt, then ovenroasted at 400* for about an hour til they're browning. We do two big sheet pans at a time (5 pounds of potatoes total) and then let cool to room temp, bag in gallon ziplocs, and freeze. DH then reheats them from frozen when he wants some. He can eat a plateful of those reheated potatoes and feel FULL for several hours!

We've also done likewise with regular pasta, brown rice, quinoa, and the like. I freeze my cracked wheat sourdough bread from Trader Joe's, then quickly defrost in the MW, which effectively heats it up a bit. We can both eat a "normal" portion of any of that stuff and not suffer any rebound from it from a hunger standpoint!

One other study, which I believe is sited somewhere in this thread, suggested that cooking rice with a teaspoon of coconut oil, then chilling/reheating, offered some additional benefits to the resistant starch effect.

I cooked up some Dreamfields pasta, which of course got dissed about the resistant starch thing, and chilled it off, then reheated last night with some Costco pesto (which BTW is VERY good stuff!) and had it as a side dish with our grilled rib steak. It was so yummy, filled me up, and kept me full the rest of the night.

Neither DH nor I tests our blood sugars as we are not diabetic, but strictly from a hunger aspect, the resistant starch theory is very real for us in our own experiences!
Saving all of this information! DH and I are getting older and should start paying more attention to the food that fuels our bodies.

I wonder .... do you think that frozen or refrigerated potatoes might have the same effect? I always keep a bag of Simply Potatoes on hand to make as quick side dishes for my husband, so I'm thinking that maybe he's already getting the benefits from resistant starch.
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