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Originally Posted by Pam View Post you mind sharing your crab cake recipe?
I'm sorry, I just saw this today

I just flew by the seat of my pants on the crabcakes. If I remember right, I sauteed some diced celery and red pepper in butter. I think I just tossed that together with the Philips canned crab meat from Costco, old bay, some BTF mix, and an egg. I sauteed everything in some butter in a skillet if I remember correctly. I never write anything down when I wing it, so I totally apologize that I didn't see this until now, and that I don't have exact amounts. I think I added in capers too, as I have a huuuuuge jar from Costco sitting in my fridge.

I don't think I used too much BTF, just some so it would all bind together. Quick and easy overall.
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