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Originally Posted by julieboolie View Post
Izzy- I hope it is your bed causing the problem!!! Good for you on the fitness front! What park are you visiting? We're going to Antelope Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon in November with our bffs. We love it! Hope you are up for some good hikes and exploring! So much beauty out there!
Thanks, Zumba was fun and I plan to stick with it 2x/week .

Deb-that would be so amazing-a wedding?! And very motivational!! Good for you! Your schedule is so crazy, I imagine that gym at work is your best option for exercsie? Or your pool while it's still summer? Hope you can fit some in and feel good too!

Shari-I know! Bittersweet! Dd(13) is in 8th grade this year too and so far, so good. But it's so fast! She's got a sweet boy from church who wants her to come watch him play football this Saturday . I'm not ready for my baby to grow up this fast!
I hope he has a fabulous first week! And good for you starting yoga again! Every little bit helps! Being strong is so good!

I'm doing well! Scale finally down to the 160's again! 169.2 this morning . Whew! I stuck to around 1500 cals yesterday, and added the Zumba. Glad it's helping! I'll rotate cals this week, higher on lifting days like today, and see how it goes. I'd love to be securely back in the 160's by sept 12 when I FINALLY see the endocrinologist. If I can do that w/o her help, I'd be encouraged that with meds I'd have a fighting chance to get back to the 150's. A girl can dream. I'd like to be "normal" and be able to lose weight like a "normal" person! Not requiring Herculean sacrifice and effort!

Anyway, have a good week! I've got dd(16)'s first varsity volleyball game today, dd(13)'s game tomorrow, another varsity game Thursday, and a 2-day tournament Friday and Saturday! And I'm watching the littles 3x this week! today is the clam before the storm!
YAY!!! for getting back out of the 70's. I know you don't like it there.. but for me, I want to get there again.......

I hope you get some help when you get your Thyroid meds worked out. Just keep on working on your strength!! The rest will fall in place in time..

Your DD's are so good at VBALL!!! Great for them! Congrats on your DD's job also.. that girl will be busy!!! Better than sitting around with nothing to do.

Good luck with the littles.. haha.. so cute. It will get you prepared for what is ahead.

Forgot to add, things are going well as of yesterday.. Work, Swimming... watching my DGS after work.. just a real busy life but love it!!! Carbs under control for NOW.. fingers crossed..
Finding my way one day at a time.

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