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Originally Posted by inatic View Post

We really dont do shoulder shrugs as so many other lifts can hit that area.
agreed. Shrugs are unnecessary if you're doing compound movements and shrugs actually target traps and not really delts (shoulders).

Originally Posted by terez View Post
Ilene, are the bent over rows okay? I was using the lightest weights I had for the upright rows and I really don't like them. The bent over rows look interesting, especially since they engage back muscles.
Terez, Bent over rows are more for rear delts or lats depending on how you do them. They don't truly focus on the part of the delt that you see when facing a mirror. If you don't have impingement issues the overhead press is the best workout for shoulders.

To the OP, I'm not a PT or a doctor or a certified anything (although potentially certifiable depending on who you ask) so please keep that in mind.

Can you do a lateral raise?

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