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Originally Posted by Ann Lytle View Post
I never much cared for dumplings, but my Mom used to add what she called rivels to her potato soup. Making it with cauliflower isn't bad, but I still miss the rivels. I've tried several combinations of flour, but they turn to mush and kind of dissolve into the broth. You think this might work or would they become tough if I freeze in small bowls and reheat?........................... Ann

Ann, I don't know if gluc products will freeze well or not. Tell you what. I made some more at noon as gnocchi as a test and didn't eat but a few of them. I'll pull a couple out of the fridge and freeze them for you and see. I suspect they won't freeze well, but ya never know.

My 1st gnocchi trial cooked OK. They took only 8 minutes. Despite the fact they were very small when I rolled them into little balls in my palms (about 5/8" in diameter), they all cooked up to be about 1" when done, which is too big IMO. I must figure out how to get the gnocchi smaller, more like the size of little tortellini, before posting to my website. Maybe I could roll some of the dough into a 1/4" "rope" and snip cut little bits off into the simmering water. Any other thoughts or suggestions to reduce their size? I'll have to try the rope idea next time. The dough is somewhat difficult to handle, but I WAS able to roll the gnocchi into sort of ball shapes in my palms. The recipe made 21 gnocchi for me. If I can figure out how to get them smaller, it might make around 40 or so.

Here's a pic of the gnocchi. I put a light cream/wine sauce over them for lunch:

I'd like to put chopped parsley in my next batch of gnocchi. I'd like to try a sweet potato gnocchi, too.
My recipe website:

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