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Originally Posted by Trigger828 View Post
what are you striving for in net carbs per day?

you can easily eat a moderate carb diet of, say, 40-50 net carbs. that is moderate.
it would include some of your foods you want to eat.

anything under 100 net carbs is considered a lower carb diet. you do not have to go into the 20-30 net range to be 'low carb'.

just wondering where you want to settle on carb count for the day?

grains are carby and that fact isn't going to change. so maybe reduce your portion size? enjoy what you like but cut back on the 'heavy hitter' carbs.
I agree with Trigger, a more moderate carb approach may be ideal for you. A moderate carb primal WOE (such as touted by Mark's Daily Apple) sounds like it would meet your criteria, though paleo and primal do ditch all grains. There are definitely grain-free subs for cold cereal though.
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