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Originally Posted by Lusitano View Post
My story... well, maybe it is kind of different from everyone else in here. I don't have any particular disease, I'm not overweight and I'm not trying to get slimmer or stronger.

Any advices?
No advice but I actually do think yours is a different story. Most people come to ditch low fat strictly because of weight loss. And a lot of the things I've come to discover were as an offshoot of that (like how margarine is one molecule away from plastic), not just a wish to change my diet for any other reason.

I do think people accept that sugar is evil but not so easily accept that "sugar" includes natural sugar and not just white refined table sugar. I always held the belief that turbinado sugar was healthier because someone who ran a "health food restaurant" told me so. Ha, come to find years later they weren't any smarter than I was.

So, yeah, it's not ALL fats are evil but trans fats are. The body does NEED fat, does not need sugar no matter what form it comes in. Fructose is fructose and foods that cause glycemic spikes are not good even if they are not "empty" calorie foods.

I am not eating grains not just because of carbs per se but for other reasons that wheat plays havoc causing inflammation in the body as does the sugar.

One day, I hope to be here not as a result of being overweight also.
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