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My story

My story... well, maybe it is kind of different from everyone else in here. I don't have any particular disease, I'm not overweight and I'm not trying to get slimmer or stronger.

I have 35 years old, and for the past two decades I've been changing my diet. Never ate butter in the past, because I did not like it. My folks and a terrible habit of leaving butter in open air, it started to get rancid and melting during the summer. I took the decision of eating only vegetable spreading. At first, maybe during the 90's, I believe the oils were hydrogenated, I'm not sure.
In the last decade I was consuming interestified vegetable shortening, which I believed it was good and safe.

Then more recently I decided that I would start a low fat diet, eating low fat chesse, low fat milk, less dairy.

And suddenly, last year I was shocked to find out that saturated fat is good, creates no hearth problems, and that the bad guy are carbs.

I always thought that sugar is the real enemy, and I have some diabetes cases in the family, so I have to be careful about that.

But sugar is really carbs, and even the cream crackers cookies I ate regularly are worst than chocolate chip cookes, in terms of carbs.

I did some changes for my diet:

- Started using lard to cook. Sometimes I use extra virgin organic coconut oil, but I'm the only one here at the house enjoying the coconut flavor.

- Ditched the vegetable shortening for good. Started used salted butter. Unfortunately I can not get organic or even butter from grass fed cows. The butter I get is pale in color, which means the cows were given cereals.
At least I'm free of the bovine hormones (which are forbidden here in Europe) and most likely GMOs.

- Not using extra virgin olive oil to cook, as it can oxidize. I previously used it alot to cook.

- Ditched the natural fruit juices, because they are loaded with fructose, causing glycemic spikes.

- Trying to get cookies with less carbs, usually more fat means less carbs.

But I really don't want to eat and not enjoying what I'm eating. I don't eat alot of bread, but I like a bowl of cereals with milk occasionally.
I've been trying to find cold cereal with less carbs. Even muesli and granola have lots of carbs, because of the raisins and other dry fruits.
The best one I found so far, it is a muesli mix with about 55grams of carbs per 100gr.

Any advices?
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