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Food has become something I enjoy and satisfies me when its good. When it tastes bad I just look for other outs. Whe also like to dine out with friends as a social event allot. I find that really hard to do.

I can say a good cooked meal is a stress reliever. I do not know how to relieve stress otherwise - Forget exercise as I hate that worse than bad food. Even when I did exercise it never relieved stress - just more time to think about why I am stressed making it worse.

As far as being healthy - I do not know what that feels like or what it would compared to what I am now. losing 30 lbs - great my clothes are loser but I dont feel different physically. I have sleep apnea - After 30lbs I still have it so that is not the answer for that. I still get heartburn all the time so I have to stay on Nexium so LC is not the answer for that either - Just stating that I do not know the difference on what "Healthy" should be.

I am still searching for peace on how to keep on LC eating or I wouldn't be here. I did loose 30lbs eating LC so I know it works - just have to find a way to keep it going so I dont go back to eating the old ways. I need to learn how to cook meals that are LC and flavorful that I like. Techniques to cooking, etc. Need to understand what spices go together and how to use them instead of dumping a spoon full of green herbs and hoping for the best.

I have tried allot and some are good and some I make over and over again but they are getting old. Most dishes have peppers in them and I am getting sick of them as well. I eat scrambled eggs and egg beaters with ham or bacon and cheese every morning. I have cheese sticks for snacks every day as I can eat them on the fly without preparing anything.

Meatballs without breadcrumbs - I have used my method of making meatballs - ground beef, parsley flakes, Italian seasoning, basil leaves, garlic powder, eggs, salt, pepper, and seasoned breadcrumbs. I usually mix all these together the pan fry then throw into a sauce for a few hours. - I have tried a few times the same recipe without the breadcrumbs and baking in sauce to frying them in a pan then baking them in a pan in the oven then putting a little sauce over them and serve. They do NOT taste the same. They taste plain and basically more "Earthier" from the other spices. Then to eat them without pasta - that another issue - and yes we now make spaghetti squash and its good but its not pasta.
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