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Originally Posted by rob71 View Post
Even made extras for leftovers for lunch the next days and I do not like leftovers at all.
I can make a plan to make something but life gets in the way
You can guess what the restaurants are serving but you dont know.
Ordering plain chicken breast is disgusting and gets me more frustrated.

I'll keep searching and trying. Holidays are coming and this will be worse. I can see all the weight I lost come right back on fast in a few months. one of the reasons I do not like this WOE.
I don't care if you're just counting calories, doing WW or any other *diet*. Go off it and the weight will come right back If you treat low carb like a diet (meaning it's just a temporary thing to reach a specific goal) and then go right back to your old way of eating, of course you'll gain it you would if you stopped counting calories, WW, etc.

You can quit low carb (just as you can quit any diet) and not gain the weight back, but it means paying attention (just as you have to with any diet) to your calories, fats, etc.

Moving on...

If you don't like left overs, then plan something else.
If you have a busy life, make sure to have things on hand that you can grab when 'life gets in the way'...cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, ham/turkey/salami wrapped around a piece of cheese or pickle, tuna/chicken salad already made and ready. If you're out and running, keep a small 6-pack cooler in the car with your food.
Eat out at restaurants is the absolute easiest. Why would you eat a plain piece of chicken? A juice cheeseburger with a side salad can be found just about anywhere. Wendy's is one of my favorite places. Steaks, seafood and sides of grilled vegies...yumm.

Holidays are only tough if you think they're an excuse to chow down on lots of carby foods. Food is for nourishment...not entertainment. Yes, it should taste good, but holidays are for family, not stuffing our gut until we feel like we want to throw up.

To be honest, it sounds as if you're coming up with a lot of excuses/reasons why you don't want to do low carb. My advice to you then is to find a WOE that you can live with because that is the only WOE that you'll find sucess with.
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