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Originally Posted by rob71 View Post
I will say that planning is the most important thing to do. If you dont plan and execute that plan then forget about staying on track. Over the summer when it was less hectic it was easier to plan and make foods. Even made extras for leftovers for lunch the next days and I do not like leftovers at all. never taste the same or good.

Now running around everyday night of the week (including weekends days) it is very tough to plan and execute. I can make a plan to make something but life gets in the way and we either dont make the meal or we make it and dont come back to eat it since we are running around or dont have a place to heat up the food while running around - hence eating out which in my opinion is the the second worst thing after not planning to do to eat healthy. You can guess what the restaurants are serving but you dont know. Ordering plain chicken breast is disgusting and gets me more frustrated.

I'll keep searching and trying. Holidays are coming and this will be worse. I can see all the weight I lost come right back on fast in a few months. one of the reasons I do not like this WOE.
We all have periods in our lives that are hectic and make eating a good diet less easy. It is not a reason to derail.

For instance why would you order plain chicken breast if you think it is disgusting? How about wings or a steak or a burger or even a salad with protein (leave off anything carby)? I find restaurants easy to navigate if you just ask questions.

You say you don't like this woe.... makes me wonder how successful a person can be if they don't like what they are doing when it comes to diet when you realize it really is a life commitment?
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