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Are you trying to shed lean body mass as well as fat mass? Because that matters.

Technically NK will help you lose bodyfat but it depends what type of training you are doing. Running to lose weight is difficult, although being on a ketogenic diet does help. I am not sure though at 1000cal or less a day you will accomplish what you want, I think you have to stay about 1000 cal a day to avoid losing lean body mass.

Probably what I would recommend doing, if fat loss is your main goal, is to cut down on the endurance exercise, and take exercise up as more of a lifestyle. Ie. enjoying it for fun as opposed to training for a competitive event. At the same time, develop a ketogenic diet that you can live with long term. The combination of a having a "fat burning" diet and a low intensity "fat burning" weekly exercise plan, with long term goals will allow you to drop a lot of body fat and get good results.

Having said that though, if you are really set on being a competitive endurance athlete, then you have to do a lot of research because it isn't just as simple as ketogenic diet + a lot of exercise = a lean body. Unfortunately. You have to be really accurate with what you do with respect to diet and training plans, and it takes a lot of experimentation. Good luck though if you go that way, it is a real challenge trying to figure out what works.
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