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Originally Posted by Patkid View Post
Posting for accountability.
Struggling to get going.
really struggling.
BUT I am NOT giving up.
I have to learn that life is always going to happen. (my fridge stopped fridging and I live on a VERY tight budget) Life events are NOT an excuse to binge.

Blessings for JBs.
Um yeah, me too. Blew my DD yesterday, but didn't binge, and still can't seem to get a grip. I'm calling today an up day and striving to keep it under control. You know I did this gig for almost a year, lost 40lbs. Strayed for various reasons including a whole 'nother family living with me for 9 months. It seemed impossible. Now I am struggling to get it together. I know it works, I know I have rocked it in the past and I can't figure out why I'm having so much trouble now. I gained back 20lbs over several months (and quit smoking) then managed to lose 3 and gain it back. Did I mention, I HATE my scale. I'm looking for perspective because I don't seem to have any.....
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