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Originally Posted by piratejenny View Post
wii--if I may make a suggestion:
Maybe try just going to bed 15 minutes earlier every night, and getting up 15 minutes earlier. Or if that's too fast, then change every 2-3 nights.

I have some of the same problems
(night owl in my 20s, worked 2nd shift in my 30s, feel "lucky" if I fall asleep by have bipolar disorder which causes abnormal cortisol levels & insomnia).

On the rare occasions that I feel sleepy at a "normal" hour like 10 or 11, I often fall asleep for either 10-20 minutes and then am up til 4am, or I only sleep til 2 or 3am and that's it; I can't go back to sleep!

If a person feels an increase in energy in the evening (not just the habit of staying up late), they may be experiencing "reverse cortisol curve". Instead of cortisol peaking in the morning & giving you energy for the day, it's peaking at night and preventing the body from making melatonin.

There are many supplements said to reduce cortisol, such as rhodiola, phosphatidylserine, holy basil, Vitamin C.

I'm also taking l-theanine & melatonin right now, to help me get sleepy at night.

If you don't wish to take supplements, Google "reduce cortisol naturally" to find some tips on lifestyle changes, exercise, etc that may help.

Also, it's a big part of the Paleo lifestyle. If you're interested in blogs like Mark's Daily Apple, you can find lots of articles and forum discussions on how to reset your sleep pattern.

A couple weeks ago, I wasn't falling asleep til 4am. This past week I've been falling asleep around 2am. I have to start getting up at 7am this week, so I hope that will help me go to bed earlier!
Moving up the schedule gradually is something I have tried many times without success. Even getting up early on a regular basis does not help me. My body would not adjust even after a year of the early morning schedule.
even while I was pregnant, exhausted and working first shift. I would go to sleep at 1am and get up at 6 and be this zombie pregnant grouch at work ALL the time.

The supplements and reducing cortisol are things I haven't ever tried. Well, I have taken Vitamin C, but none of the others. PJ, it sounds like our sleep issues are very similar. I think we might have the same type of insulin issues, too. I guess I never really considered those to be related, though. Very interesting. Thanks. I will have to do some reading up on cortisol.
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