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Here are a couple variables with chocolate:

Trader Joe's Confection Perfection - what I used - 70% cacao = 11.625 net carbs per ounce, x 7 ounces = 81.375 net carbs for the total recipe, / 6 servings = 13.5625 net carbs per serving - that's just the chocolate.

World Market All Natural 99% cacao bar = 28 net carbs for 7 ounces, / 6 servings = 4.6666 per serving, but you'd have to use some sweetener, I presume

Cadbury Royal Dark semi-sweet = 80 net carbs for 7 ounces, / 6 servings = 13.3333 per serving

Those are some forms of chocolate I currently have in the house hence the reason for using them in my calculations!

The eggs are .6 each, an ounce of heavy cream is a little less than 1, and count whatever you may use as sweetener unless it's liquid OR something very low-glycemic, like erythritol. I'd not use ALL E though as it tends to a) have that cooling effect and b) recrystallize somewhat easily.

Because I'm on maintenance, and because ONE of the servings is more than rich enough to satisfy my chocolate urge, I am not bothered by the slightly higher numbers.

I DO have some SF chocolate chips and might use them for HALF the chocolate called for next time - I don't want to use them for 100% of the chocolate called for because they can have such a nasty effect on the ol' tummy!
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