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Thanks for everyone's thoughts!
why would you want to eat back the calories you worked so hard to burn off if you don't have to and if you are trying to lose weight?
Originally Posted by adillenal View Post
I see it as a wash. Eat 100 calories, exercise off 100 calories. What have I accomplished?
Hmm my point is if you're gonna exercise but then still keep to the same JUDDD numbers because you don't want to 'do all that exercise for nothing' you might as well not exercise (leaving aside that exercise in itself has other benefits apart from calorie burn!) and just eat less. But this of course is silly. If you look at it from a calories in and out, your remaining calories will be too low.

eg normally I eat 500/1900 = average 1200 cals

if i start exercising that burns 300 cals now average is 900 cals, which people seem to be suggesting is ok?

But to me, this is the equivalent of saying 'pfft, stuff exercise' i'll just eat 300 cals less so 200/1600 = 900 cals average.

Opinions? Am I being silly here?
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