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Originally Posted by adillenal View Post
I walk but I don't consider that exercise since it really accomplishes little. I used to use our BowFlex but injured my shoulder (wrestling a goat that didn't want to load at the state fair) and I am still recupertaing so I doubt if I have any muscles to burn fat. Guess if I weren't so lazy I would do the lower body workout, no shoulder involved there. I am slowly starting to do my ttapp exercises again. And I mean SLOWLY. They even stress my shoulder so I am being uber careful. I look at exercise as a means to better health but not something that will help me lose weight because I will never be doing anything near as much as those poor people on Biggest Losers do. And it is sad but I absolutely HATE exercise. I have free weights and a weight bench in addition to the Bow Flex too. It isn't like I don't have access to the equipment. In fact I actually have a workout room. Now I am starting to feel guilty.
Don't feel guilty! I wasn't trying to make you feel guilty! I'm sorry.

If you have injuries, you need to start slow and do what you can! If you just like walking, then do that. I have lots of injuries and limitations - I just do what I can and I find exercises that I like to do (If I had to walk on a treadmill for an hour, I wouldn't do it - I just don't like that). I also modify if I can't do something in a class I take. I used to feel weird about it, but after hurting myself because of my stubborness multiple times, I just modify and smile while doing it.
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