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Originally Posted by raquelena View Post
Is it because people actually do no exercise or another reason? It's been alluded to quite a few times that there may be another reason but I can't seem to find it!

well when i picked the exercise level i do (3 times a week - light) i got so many cals for the up days that i gained weight. not my intent. and it was very difficult to get in 2000 cals per day. i had no trouble with 400 on the DDs. but i was gaining. so that obviously wasnt going to work for me.

if i pick sedentary then i get about 1800 cals for the UD and i can get that in. also it is about 200 cals more than what it took to keep me stabilized this last year or two. so this week i am doing 1800/350 - 400. i wont know till i weigh in on Friday if that fixed things for me. once i started talking about that other people started reporting the same thing. it seems like for many the UD cals has to be about 200 more than whatever it used to take you to stabilize and 20 - 35% of that for the DDs. you need that swing.
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