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Originally Posted by Knittering View Post
I doubt BPA is doing anything good for us but to say that it's actually changing our set points (when set point theory itself is unproven) is quite a reach, IMO.
Yeah but that's the whole point of the studies they're doing, to show correlation or causation. I mean right now there IS correlation, we are more exposed to BPA and we are fatter. I did find it interesting that the mice that were exposed though were fatter even though they weren't eating more, they need to study this further, and it does seem like they are!

Anyways I would never say that we're only fat because of chemicals, we are obviously fat because of a whole host of things... we sit on our butts all day, we eat bad food etc, but if we're also dooming our babies to being predisposed to fat, then it's starting a very nasty cycle!

It was an interesting documentary!
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