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On the other hand, 30 years ago, people did not eat like we do now. There was a lot less fake food, junk food, eating out, and snacking. Our entire culture W/R/T eating has changed dramatically and I'm not comfortable just shrugging that aside. We might be swimming in a toxic, fat-inducing environment but there's also personal responsibility at work.

Then someone else, hungry hungry hungry, eat eat eat, always hungry, always gaining weight, always thinking about food, always obsessed with it, diet diet, lose weight, gain weight, still hungry, now starving... and now 100 pounds overweight and still hungry?
Certainly there are people with broken metabolisms but I find it one hell of a coincidence that they all appeared in the past 30 years -- coincidentally when our entire food culture also shifted. Back when people ate simple, real food that we had to prepare ourselves, obesity was a very rare thing.

Oh another interesting thing, in the beginning of the documentary they mention "Even other animal species living in proximity to humans have grown fatter". Strange no?
They refer to our pets? That's no surprise to me. My mother's dogs are both basically spheres and I think that's due to their HUGE meals and the non-stop doggie treats they get! Mine get regular, measured meals and are at a healthy weight. (And all four dogs have the same parents.)
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