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I've been taking Lamictal for around 10 years. I do have to let my doctor know if I get a rash, but the chance for adults to get a dangerous rash is less than 1%. I have to say it made all the difference in the world for me. Antidepressants kick off a manic episode so the Lamictal keeps that in check.

I was put on Topomax first, but the side effects were really bad. Now I understand why it's also known as "Stupidmax" because it really makes you stupid.

BTW, before my bipolar was diagnosed I was making a ton of money but I spent it on lots of things. I bought a special edition Miata, over the internet. I did always want a convertable. I went to Paris 3 times as well as London and Dublin on one of those trips and I took friends with me, as in paid all expenses for one and lots of expenses for the others. At the end of it all, I had to file bankruptcy so I wouldn't lose my house.

My year long manic episode was a wild ride!
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