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Originally Posted by janetsbreeze View Post
My heart aches for you as I also have been there. I am dignosed as bipolar and quite frankly, that diagnosis saved my life. Before that I was treated only for depression and spiraling lower and lower. I attempted suicide and was put in a psyche ward before getting the correct diagnosis and correct treatment.
Like you, I went through so may anti-depressants trying to find the "right" one.

A few questions for you: Does your psy dr know how bad things really are, or are you glossing over it? It's hard to tell someone exactly how bad things have gotten but you have to in order to receive the right help.

Do you have any kind of support network? And, if so, are you honest with them as well? Again, it's hard as we all wear the mask that Z mentioned above.

Are you doing anything to try to sleep? You stated above you aren't sleeping. This is especially bad for someone who is struggling. Have you tried sleep aids, or melatonin, or anything at all? Does your psy dr know you aren't sleeping?

For me, I had a death wish. I engaged in irrational and dangerous behaviors and wanted to die/ kill someone/ have sex/ be violent/ was paranoid/ and insomniac all at the same time.
Gettign on the right meds made life worth living for me. It took time and several different combos of meds to find what worked for me, but it finally did.

Please don't give up on your self. You, unfortunately, have to be your own advocate when it comes to mental health. If it's not working, you have the right to demand something that will work, as hard as that might be.
I know exactly what you are saying, with the addition of spending lots and lots of money!

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