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Originally Posted by Lucy1018 View Post
I'm sure that anyone who has experienced depression knows what I'm talking about-the mood swings, the weepiness, the anxiety, the fatigue, the insomnia, the the self-deprecation, the anger, the
irritability, the difficulty concentrating, thoughts about death and suicide, and the general feeling that you are swimming through oceans of mud and/or that someone is sitting on your chest. It's a horrible disease that I would not wish upon my worst enemy.
I know exactly what you mean. As a long-term sufferer of depression, I can say that I've had almost all of these symptoms. The big ones I used to experience were weepiness and anxiety. I would cry myself to sleep. My mind would invent things to cry about and it would distort reality into sadness. It would take happy things and turn them into sad things. Depression is really messed up.

I may be one of those lucky people, but starting on generic prozac several years ago caused all my symptoms to subside and I felt like the real me again. I have been using the generic version of prozac for years now and I do not have, and never did have, any side effects. I take 1/4th the recommended dose (the recommended dose is 20mg/day). I take 10mg every other day and that is enough to eliminate all the depression symptoms for me.

I would recommend that you get a prescription for generic prozac or a similar drug until you are able to address possibly underlying causes for your depression. I tend to believe (unlike many doctors) that depression is caused by an underlying health problem, such as hypothyroid or something.

Originally Posted by Lucy1018 View Post
Anyway, I have had horrible insomnia for the last few days. I cannot seem to go to sleep at night, and therefore miss half the day when I finally get so exhausted that I "pass out" at 4AM.
This sounds like chronic stress and anxiety rolled up into one. If you start on generic prozac or something similar, I believe this will help you immensely and you will feel a lot like your old self again.

Originally Posted by Lucy1018 View Post serotonin and doapmine levels drop precipitously during a bout of depression...
Wait, how do you know that is going on? Have you done some type of test that shows that your serotonin and dopamine levels are dropping? If so, what is the name of the test?
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