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Awhile back, Carolyn and I had a discussion about adding vodka to help keep this scoopable. At that time, Carolyn said she had a bad history of using a no-name Russian vodka that was so awful tasting that it rendered her ice cream inedible.

I replied that I used only Grey Goose and it couldn't be detected in the ice cream. Well, this summer, I've been churning out batch after tasty batch of the hub's favorites. My Grey Goose supply was diminishing. So we went to Total Wine to get some more.

As I stood in front of the GG display trying to decide if I should go for a bigger bottle, a staff lady asked me if I needed help. I told her my dilemma. She took the opportunity to suggest a brand that she said was even better, at a fraction of the cost. Like GG, it's made in France. It's 80 proof, just like GG. She insisted it is "every bit as good as GG.") cost $19.99 for a huge 1.75 liter bottle, as compared to $39.99 for the equivalent size of GG. It's a "staff pick" called Mon Bijou. ($14.99 Mon Bijou vs $23.99 GG for the 75 ml size.)

The hubs talked me into giving it a shot, against my first impulse. The lady said if I didn't like it, to bring it back and they'd refund me. On that note, OK. What the hey?! Sold.

I cracked it out today to do a side-by-side before all my GG was gone. Guess what??

The Mon Bijou was smoother than the Grey Goose. Not by just a little. I'm talkin' exponentially smoother. I'm talkin' silk vs terry cloth. No bite, at ALL. Color me shocked. I thought GG was the ne plus ultra of vodkas. Apparently not. GG has a definite bite to the fnish. The staff member pointed out that with GG, you're paying for the name and the pretty bottle. Good point.

So if you like making ice cream (or even indulge in the occasional shot of vodka!) and you happen to live near a Total Wine, I recommend you get a bottle of this. It's outstanding. Perfect for ice cream or homemade extracts. The price is just the cherry on the cake of your purchase!
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