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Well, strawberry was my next effort. And wow, is it ever good! But in an 11th hour decision, I decided to do it sans fresh strawberries to keep those carbs down.

I cut back the vanilla to 1 tsp, kept the Vitafiber and vodka, added 3-4 Tb (didn't measure, so sorry for the lack of precision. Just use it to taste) of Monin sugar free strawberry syrup, and 1 tsp Oivenation strawberry extract. I ended up keeping the sweetening the same, but added fewer drops of EZ Sweetz than I would have when making vanilla, since the syrup is sweetened. Also, in order to give that slight acidity that strawberries have, I backed down the heavy cream by 1/4 cup, and replaced it with 1/4 cup of sour cream.

This is all kinds of delicious. It doesn't come out very pink, so if that's your preference you'll have to add some food color (but I try to stay miles away from that, so mine was the palest of pastel pink. So pale that at first glance, it doesn't look all that different from the vanilla.)

So now I've tackled the big 3 ice creams, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, all using this outstanding recipe as a base. Neapolitan - anyone remember that? Do they even make it anymore?

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