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Originally Posted by CarolynF View Post
Right, Baricat. It hardens up in the freezer for sure. I think in HC ice cream, the sugar helps keep it soft. But it is a lot better than ice cream made without the glycerine.
Carolyn, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who has experienced a lack of "scoopability" after a prolonged rest in the deep freeze! I was starting to get paranoid here. The vodka, in addition to the glycerine called for in the recipe (4 tsp) seems to help tremendously. 48 hours later, I can actually use my scoop and get through it without pulling a bicep!! Still, I'm addicted to that just-churned, soft serve texture. I'm such a fan that I have actually been known to melt down a freezer batch I had, and throw it back into my Cuisinart to work that magic all over again.

This recipe is helping me to maintain my weight, since I'm well below goal, and my doctor doesn't want me losing any more. I have some every day, and keep the fridge stocked up with heavy cream. I'm intending to try a few things to turn this recipe into the perfect chocolate version. I'll post the recipe here when and if I'm successful (but eating even the failures is lots of fun. When it fails, I put it in the blender with some almond milk and make a milkshake. Presto! No texture issues. And those are some tasty, tasty failures...)


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