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Quick question for others who have made this. I have now made 3 batches, and love it directly out of the machine. The perfect soft serve. We're addicted! After 24 hours, however, mine is definitely not what I would describe as "scoopable." It's quite hard, and I have made no substitutions of any kind, and have followed directions exactly as written.

It's not anything I consider a problem, however. I just put it in the microwave for 2 minutes at 10% power, and I can scoop it. It's still pretty hard at the inside of the container, but I scoop from the outside, and it's all good.

But does anyone else find that it's not exactly "scoopable" directly from the freezer after a night's rest (or more?) It sounds like most everyone else but me is getting an ice cream that stays soft-frozen indefinitely. My machine is a Cuisinart ICE-100, which has its own compressor. As I noted earlier, the texture is murderously silky smooth and delectable right after churning. Can't imagine that the machine would compromise long term texture integrity. Any ideas?

Oh - made the ice cream bars as directed with the magic shell. Lots of work, but oh-so-impressive!
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