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Hi Fred,

Here's a question for some of the readings I did yesterday, there was a few mentions to not do Slow Burn if you had blood pressure issues. Now, I've been doing 'typical' strength training for the last year or so (with good results) and with the blessing of my physician, even though I do take BP medication. Is the Slow Burn method more detrimental to blood pressure control?

As a side, I did my first Slow Burn session yesterday and it was humorous watching other people watch ME do it. I'm sure they were wondering what the heck I was up to!

More than anything, I'm looking for a way to jump start my weight loss - although I've removed about 30 pounds this year (60 total over 18 months), I still have another 50 or so to go and am hoping this will not only relieve a bit of exercise boredom but also jump start my weight loss.

So, what about the blood pressure issue?
Also, until I get the book and see the exercises listed, I assume my best routine is to select an exercise for each body part, just make it as well-rounded as possible? Total body as opposed to upper/lower split?

Thanks for your time and offer to answer questions!

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