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Originally Posted by gharkness View Post
See, that's what I am thinking. In order to make the muscle grow, you have to insult/damage it to some degree. If you don't do that, then the muscle won't grow. The natural response to this "insult' is to produce lactic acid, then repair the damage with stronger muscle fibers. The lactic acid buildup inside the muscle is what causes the soreness (please correct me if I am wrong).

I know that is WAY simplified, but it still just seems to me that without some delayed soreness, there won't really be any significant gains.
I agree with you that damage is probably a key element in causing muscle to grow. It probably occurs as microtrauma and the DOMS that you feel is perhaps part of that damage.

Lactic acid is a generated by anaerobic exercise and although it perhaps contributes to fatigue, it is flushed rather quickly. Lactic acid does not cause muscle soreness, although it may be part of the burn you feel during exercise. Lactic acid accumulates during heavy exercise, but is cleared quickly and can even used itself to fuel muscles during aerobic exercise. Do some light cardio after your weightlifting, and you will probably clear and consume any generated lactic acid from your weightlifting.

An old adage is that you don't grow big muscles by lifting heavy weights, you grow big muscles recovering from lifting heavy weights.
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