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Originally Posted by gharkness View Post
Hey, neat! The horse's mouth, so to speak!

I JUST received your book in the mail Saturday as a gift from my brother. I had heard of Slow Burn, or superslow lifting, but had not received any specific instructions. Quick and interesting read, by the way. I finished it in an afternoon session. Anyway, before I received your book, I took it upon myself to just lift as slowly as I could stand to do, and have found some real interesting results in the past couple of months.

Now that I have the actual instructions, I will look forward to following them exactly to see what improvements I can make.

Question: just how sore should a person be after doing Slow Burn correctly? I am finding that the slower I lift, the sorer I am. BTW, I don't necessarily consider that to be bad, just a little annoying.

I still continue with my cardio sessions - I really can't imagine giving those up, whether or not they are actually 'needed.' After most of my life finding it a challenge to walk down the street without being winded, I'm not about to give up the freedom of running!

I am looking forward to an interesting time ahead! So glad you joined the discussion, and to the OP, I am glad you brought this up!
Hi gharkness

Soreness comes and soreness goes. After a time, soreness gets milder - usually. Don't worry or think about it too much.

As for cardio, you do not need to do formal cardio for any reason whatsoever. Too much of it accelerates the aging process and, obviously, wears down the joints and connective tissues faster than normal. Fat loss will NOT be accelerated via aerobic activity. Promise!

Strength training will provide you with the same cardiorespiratory benefits. The reason for this is that both aerobic exercise and strength training increase total mitochondria.

But hey, if you love to run, run! Far be it from me to keep you from your loves!

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