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I am doing another WOE plan but its a lowfat plan and i just dont do lowfat lol I feel so satiated eating alot of fat. I lowcarb but dont count things like veggies (unless starchy), coconut, nuts and seeds. I also subtract fiber from my carbs. I am eating fruit and beans now again, but only eating steelcut oats for my grains. Also of course, starchy vegs. I am finding my fat desire is just, well lessssss. I have been losing very slowly (I have alot of issues; PCOS, unresolved thryoid system issues, probably high cortisol/fatigued adrenals etc). eating lowfat or high fat doesnt make any diff. but I LIKE high fat better lol. I love to eat and to cook. so something sustainable is important to me. and healthwise too....high fat is just healthier.
so is the general consensus i should eat less carbs and go back to high fat to lose wgt, even tho i wasnt rly losing more than .5-1lb a week? at 186lb (now) and 5-4 i'd say i should be losing a hella lot faster!
or is there anything else to do? HELP
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