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First DD...switched from Atkins

I've been on Atkins (again) for almost 4 weeks now, and haven't really lost anything past the induction loss. I think part of the problem is I'm already balking at the restrictions. I thought I was doing fine, but I keep sneaking tastes of other things.

JUDDD appeals to me because on my UD's I can eat relatively normally and not have to be so high maintenance all the time. I'm okay with the strictness of the DD's as long as I can enjoy my UD's. In theory, anyway. We'll see how it goes.

So this is my first DD! I hope I don't miss my coffee with HWC too much...that was one of the joys of Atkins. I'm drinking some water and a cup of hot coconut-macadamia nut herbal tea that I bought in Hawaii with a Splenda. I'm going to have a greek yogurt in a little bit. I'm trying to make sure my 500 calories are more protein and less carbs, to keep me full longer.

Wish me luck!
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