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What I'm doing and why I haven't been around much

So I've alluded to some big changes coming up in DH's and my lives. I mentioned that DH lost his job, and I've mentioned that things are changing and I may be without a scale or way to calorie count in about six weeks.

Here's why: DH and I are moving out of our place, putting most of our stuff into storage and going to South Africa for about five weeks. After that, we don't really know yet! We have ideas, and options, but no firm plans.

South Africa is not for vacation--we are going there to help. The AIDS crisis has devastated and killed a large part of the generation of young adults, leaving children alone to fend for themselves. Sometimes they have a grandmother, or gogo (the Zulu word for grandmother) who will feed them and shelter them. Many gogos are feeding more than just their own grandchildren, but other children who need someone to look after them. Sometimes children don't have a gogo and there are many, too many, child-headed households where one child has dropped out of school in order to feed and shelter his or her younger siblings. Things that would never be allowed to happen here are rampant there, and we are going to help.

I hold no illusions that in five weeks I'll be able to significantly change anyone's life, but I can hold their hand and let them know that there are people in the world who care about them and their plight. I can let them know that there is more in life than the one they're living right now, that with education and persistence and the help that my organization and other organizations offer that they can make their life better. Not to give up.

So you see, this is why I will be without a scale and without the means to calorie count. I am not even sure what I will be eating. I assume some foods are the same, but probably some foods are different and I will just have to guess. And to some extent, I feel weird obsessing about food when I'm going to help people who's obsession with food comes from never knowing if they'll have enough.

I haven't been comfortable "coming out" with these plans because I wasn't absolutely sure that we weren't going to back out and do something a little less big and scary and...yeah.

I'm starting a blog about this whole adventure where I'll be posting the whole story of why South Africa and how this whole thing is coming together and I hope you'll go there and read and subscribe because that's mainly where I'm updating. I've just started it so it isn't much yet, but I'd love it if you'd go check it out.

I'll be putting a link in my signature, but here it is now: | on the path, linked in to the One, enjoying the ride! Nothing is sold there, so this should be okay with the mods. Please let me know if it's not.

Thanks for reading and...well there ya go. Now you know why I'm not here much. I'm planning, learning about a new country, getting ready to pack, trying not to freak out, scared witless sometimes, feeling optimistic and peaceful most of the time.

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