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Hey guys, yesterday I got my first order of GLCBC Lemon Squares. I LOVE THEM. Had one last night w/a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of raspberries, and OMG, SO good! 3 NCs and 50 calories each.

Like the other GLCBC products, they are not cheap at $2.49 for a small square, but then I look at the cost of ingredients and the time to make it, and it's a decent deal for me.

My only caveat on these would be that one might not be enough for those w/a big sweet tooth, or just a need for dessert on a regular basis---but even so the worry is about the cost not the carbs, and not the calories. I don't have a big sweet tooth, but every once in a while I want a sweet treat after dinner. I have been relying on berries and cream for this, and now this is an excellent option for me.

Coots---I so get what you mean when you say that these products help you maintain your woe. Same for me. And I agree, they are much better than so many worse choices when you want a little treat, a bit of variety, and to feel less deprived. The price is worth it to me too. I see every one of these options as one more way to be happier on this woe, in moderation. These are not products you want to chow down willy nilly cost wise, and that's a good thing, imo.

Although I'd love them to be cheaper, and someday when the rest of the world catches on to what the GLCBC has caught on to---the fact that this is a pretty unexplored niche in the American diet, hence the higher prices--- the costs will come down. But for now, these companies who are ahead of the curve are going to be able to charge more, as they have little competition to argue with.
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