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I agree with Blue here. One way I look at the extra cost of these type items is that I don't put them into my daily diet. Meaning that I use them sort of as a way to keep myself on my WOE when things get hard.

Last night for example. I came home from work (very stressful day) and thin sliced a New York Strip and made a steak salad with boiled eggs, tomato, cheese, some pickle, jalapenos, bacon bits with my homemade Ranch dressing.

It just didn't fill me up last night. I don't know why, it just didn't... so the cravings started it. So instead of going and getting some dessert or blowing the lid off of my diet.. I went and had a low-carb bagel with cream cheese instead.

It satisfied that need. So for a product to be able to fill that sort of missing part of the diet for me... the price is worth it.
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