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WOE: 1400 calories a day/carb cycling
Originally Posted by ncgirl View Post
You guys might also want to check out the ThinSlim bread line - I've never ordered the GLCB, but the Thinslim products only contain olive oil and are slightly lower in calories (no soybean oil, if you're watching that intake of soy or calories).

I've been ordering ThinSlim bagels products for years (previously under a different name, but the same product, basically) and have always been happy, with no weight gains.

Hope you don't mind me throwing my two cents in, and that you enjoy whatever you try (ps...I love the Thinslim muffins and brownies, as case you go that far with indulgences, or care to do so!).
Thanks for the tip. I just ordered 2 pks. I'll be comparing products and testing my blood sugar. I'm all for products without soy!
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