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I have tremendous respect for the people I've met here who have pulled off major losses, and I'm grateful for wisdom on the art of maintenance, too. I'm really bothered by the statistics you read about regaining, and think it would just break my heart to have to start all over. Even though part of me really wants to drop these last pounds fast, I am trying to take the advice of the latest book I read, which told me to start thinking maintenance at this point and accept slower weight loss.

I wonder if I will ever be able to control my intake without journaling food. I work at home most of the time, and I know that if I weren't writing down every bite (except for the handfuls of arugula, LOL) I would be tucking away a little bit here and a little bit there. Those "little bits" can seriously derail you when you're at the point it takes ten days or more to lose a pound. I worry that I will still be hungry at my maintenance weight, that's the main thing. I never was very good at dealing with being hungry.
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