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Originally Posted by Ntombi View Post

I have no idea, and I can't wait to find out. Last time I lost over 80 pounds, I was still about 40 pounds away when my life derailed. I haven't even made it that far yet this go 'round, I have to lose about as much as you, and I'm only at the forty pound mark so far.

Congratulations to you! When you do get to goal, I'm interested to hear how you maintain have. I have heard over and over that that has its own set of challenges.

I won't thread-jack by going into all the details, but suffice to say...

losing the weight phase , is the easy part!!, as there are many perks and motivators to keep ya going..( yanno, oohs and aahs, smaller clothes, declining numbers on the scale, frequent compliments, positive body changes, so forth and so on...)...

When all that wears off ( and it will! !) you then have to adjust to your "new normal". Its not bad, just different..

Maintenance for me, comes easily, because I've made significant life style changes along the way and IMHO, unless you change more than just your diet, long term success is fleeting...
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