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To all intents and purposes you have met your goal already. What an amazing achievement! Congratulations!

Now you will face what we are all faced with if we have success --- the maintenance challenge. There are many people on this board who prove it can be done. But it's a learning curve. And I think, like everything else, it's different for all of us. But what I've noticed among those who are successful at keeping it off is that none of them fool themselves into thinking they can go back to what they used to eat. They try new things and they "tweak" and they experiment. But none of them delude themselves into thinking they've solved the problem. There's a sense that this struggle is ongoing --- sometimes harder than at other times --- but never ending.

I think there's some comfort in knowing that. And the good news is that we have some tools other than starvation and hunger to make that struggle doable.

Good luck. And, again, congratulations on your amazing achievement.
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