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Helpful Hints for Gluten-free pizza crust

Today I made 2 of the gluten-free pizza crusts. One I put on greased tin foil as my pan has holes. The tin foil was not a great idea. The crust sticks to the foil. The second one I placed on a greased nonstick pizza/dessert pizza pan (smaller than a normal, huge pizza pan - you could always use the inside of a large pan). This time once the toppings were on I had to bake the pizza for 15 minutes at 400 deg. F. I think it depends on how much pizza sauce one uses. The last time my pizza only needed the 10 minutes for pizza crust alone and another 10 minutes with toppings. Take your pizza out after baking and using a pair of kitchen scissors, cut a piece and see if it is crispy to your liking.
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