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Originally Posted by Goldie View Post
I'm in!

Will be posting for accountability.

I'm well stocked with stillman friendly foods!
Hi and welcome! Sounds like you've done stillmans before? Happy to have you join!

Originally Posted by deanslist View Post
Happy Monday ladies. Yesterday I was pretty good- eggs for breakfast and lunch but then DH made a wonderful dinner of T-bone steaks, shrimp, and veg so I was not going to pass that up. I ended with 1350 cals and 50 carbs which is not bad for me for a Sunday. Didn't exercise though. I need to get caught up today. We watched a movie instead- "Star Trek Beyond"- was pretty good but I got tired at the end so we need to finish it tonight. Vikings and Packers both lost. That's all the news.. lol

I have a dr appt for my annual physical today..I would rather wait til the end of the week to get weighed, but it is what it is. Hope your Mondays go well!
Watched the packers game too. Oh boy are they depleted, injured. Wasn't pleasant to watch but it wouldn't have been as bad without those 2 horrendous calls. Talk about everything going wrong.

Originally Posted by BrattyS View Post
I have gained 3 pounds in 2 days. I know it is hormonal however I am going off plan today. Nothing crazy, I just need a break. Ill be back on tomorrow.
I hear ya! Take a mini break and don't forget to tell me all about it so I can live through you! I know my mini break is coming for a meal, I'm trying to hold it off as long as I can. You've done amazing. Hop back on when it's over? You know we will be here....

Huh? I really got nothing. Another piece of drywall this morn, but I'm not in a hurry. Ate that filet steak last night. Down a couple ounces this morn. Seems to be coming off in fits and starts this time. Lose nothing or marginal for a few days then drop a 1.5. Not how it happened last time and it really does seem slower. I'm sticking with it. It's working just differently. Plus I think I will be heading into that week of the month where it's Impossible to lose. Gotta ask the girls if theirs are coming up it's the only way I know, until I get those ovarian cramps. But if I make it through that I'm always rewarded with a very nice drop.

Now I'm going to contemplate starting my day.... we will see about that....
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